Social Structures Against Poverty

Social Structures Against Poverty


We started and for the next two years will offer

18000 meals / month
1200 food distributions / month
3000 overnight stays / month
16000 medical, psychological &advisory support / month
Services based on Time exchange system
5 acres of arable land for 100 people
Medicines for 300 people/ month

Club for UNESCO ofPiraeus & Islands has created permanent SOCIAL STRUCTURES AS FOR THE IMMEDIATE DEALING WITPOVERTY in the Municipalities of Keratsini – Drapetsona -Perama, Piraeus, Nikaia – A.I. Rentis, and Korinthos. The social structures are SOCIAL MARKET, SOCIAL RESTAURANT, BUREAU OF CONSULTING,OPEN CENTER FOR HANGING AROUND, TIME BANK, SOCIAL DORMITORY, SOCIAL PHARMACY, SOCIAL PHARMACY and SOCIAL GARDEN.

Not a single citizen without food
Not a single child without our care

With the slogan “Not a single citizen without food, not a single child without our care” Club for UNESCO of Piraeus & Islands has created a powerful network of Social Structures, that gives the possibility for equal and fair access of all citizens, and especially for those who suffer by poverty and social exclusion, to principal social goods as housing, primary health care and food. This is about for one of the most modern and efficient networks in Europe, manned by young and skilled scientific and assisting staffs characterized by devotion to work and volunteering spirit. The payroll of the staff has been ensured by ESPA for 2 years, and the premises and ultramodern equipment has been mostly provided by sponsorship of Greek entrepreneurs and citizens.

On daily basis, each Social Restaurant is offering fresh and warm food to 150 families. The Social Markets serves each month 500 families with many children, granted them with food and clothes. The Open Centers for Hanging Around host help and provide warmth to 400 people each day. Our fellow citizens have the possibility to make a shower, to take clean clothes, to get rest, to get warm and to get medicines for free by our medical and nursing staff.

Another important aim of the Structures is to help the beneficiaries on finding solutions for their problems and to support their reintegration in social life and labour market, with the help of social workers and psychologists.

One hug for every child…

The Club, giving great importance in the children’s smiling and the basic children’s needs, has created in the Social Structures, special building sectors such as playroom, children’s library, children’s wardrobe and children’s creativity room. The Social Structures are also places for culture and education, where several educational courses and creative workshops for children and adults are taking place. Furthermore, in the Social Structures, are organized a range of cultural and entertainment activities, art exhibitions, music and theatrical performances and dancing evenings for the beneficiaries.

Our Structures are operating daily from 09:00 a.m. till 21:00 p.m.
It would be our pleasure if you visited the Structures to see our project.

Flyer can be found at :

The public support and the in-kind offerings of sponsors are essential for the operation of the Structures.


How you can support us:

a) Financial support :


Bank: National Bank of Greece

Δικαιούχος: Όμιλος για την Unesco Νομού Πειραιώς και Νήσων

Recipient: Club for UNESCO of Piraeus & Islands

Αρ.Λογαριασμού: 192/296041-94

Account number:192/296041-94

b) In-kind donaition: Our Structures have daily needs of food, clothing, medicines, toys, etc. and your contribution in kind is very important.

c) Informative: Please inform our fellow citizens in need to visit our Structures, to speak with social workers and to get informed how somebody may benefit from the services and the process to participate the program.

d) Voluntary service: If you wish to volunteer in our Structures, go directly to the structure of your interest. We would be glad to have you with us!


The Cycle of Humanity

Address: Krokida 62, Perigiali
Tel. +30 2741087861 , +30 693741 9095


The Cycle of Humanity
Nikaia, A.I. Rentis

Address: Kotioron 35 (2nd floor)
Tel. +30 2130298396 , +30 6906237874


Action Cycle
Keratsini, Drapetsona, Perama

Address: El.Venizelou 1 23 & Monastiriou
Tel. +30 2168003078-79, +30 6940862946



The Port of Solidarity Piraeus


Address : Akti Posidonos 2-4 

(Piraeus Towel, 1 st Floor)
Tel. +30 2168003076-77 , +30 6940861 81 9


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